What are you doing now to accomplish that goal? New Years resolutions.

Happy Birthday 2014! It’s New Year’s Day and I made sure to be productive, as well as, make a HUGE mess in my tiny kitchen. Let me start off by joining the band wagon and sharing my New Years resolutions.

First: Become a blogger. (CheckMark) I am so grateful for all the awesome blogs out there that have helped me learn things and be inspired to attempt a new challenge. I decided I want to contribute to the blogging community and maybe help some frugal, DIY, poultry newbie out there somewhere. By no means am I an expert but as I wonder through life’s adventures I am learning much and love teaching others these skills.

My second New Years resolution is SAVE…or be frugal as my friends already claim I am becoming. As I previously stated, I love making messes in my kitchen! But my tiny kitchen is only part of my extremely small house; in which my husband, two large dogs and I are rapidly busting at the seems in. This challenging predicament is evident even before we make any tiny additions to our family. So that leads me to my purpose for being frugal. I want to be able to save enough in order to start the building processes on our land. Saved $ = breaking ground for house in 2014!

So with all this said I am able to answer the important question “What are you doing right now to accomplish these goals?” Today I pre-made 19 main dishes and 4 packs of ground beef for tacos or whatnot in about 6 hours (casually cooking) all for under $150! Each are labeled with cook temp/time and are oven ready from my freezer. I know I am the only one who has a bad habit of eating out after a long day of work because I am too tired to stand at the stove and cook a meal. On top of making my pants just that much tighter takeout cost big $$$$. So to fix this spending habit I lazy proofed my freezer!

Here is a great resource that I used but tweaked a bit to fit my families taste preferences and freezer size.
Freezer Meal Month

Feet are killing me, hands smell like onions but it was so worth it as I day dream about the possibilities of my future kitchen. Now to continue the saving progress and critique our current budget.